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New kid on the Sydney North Shore block

Created by Djey75 9 months ago, 9 Feb 2021
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9 Feb 2021 11:28AM
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Hi there,

just arrived in NSW - Sydney north shore - (and Australia!) and looking for any piece of advice on kitesurfing spots, Australian worldwide famous dangers and any useful info you might give me. I'm an advanced beginner (no jumps or tricks yet, but sailing upwind ok)

thanks a lot !


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9 Feb 2021 2:59PM
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Your most reliable spot is botany bay. It only has wind chop, and gets stronger wind than the northern beaches. Lot's of kiteboarders of various levels. Next spot is fishermans beach on the northside of long reef. It has it's challenges including rocks and a big tree, but does not have big surf. After that you are kiting open beaches, narrabeen, long reef. These can be tough for less experienced.


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"New kid on the Sydney North Shore block" started by Djey75