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2018 ride engine

Created by uweh 1 month ago, 23 Oct 2017
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23 Oct 2017 4:04PM
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Hi ,

any news ? really better than the 2017...?

thanks in advance


Fly on da wall
VIC, 500 posts
23 Oct 2017 8:06PM
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Does it work with a dynabar slider? Just wondering if it's better than a seat harness too?

QLD, 1014 posts
23 Oct 2017 9:27PM
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Met a guy, on the water, at Currumbin, ride engine harness
bloke was a complete tosser

QLD, 189 posts
23 Oct 2017 9:31PM
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Fly on the wall
You will need to use the ride engine rope slider.
I have a 2016 team rider I love it great support and never rides up and with the rope slider toe side is so good.
I've see the 2018 models they look great, but as my 2016 model is still as good as new there is no need to change.
Get onto ride engine for a demo somewhere

QLD, 96 posts
26 Oct 2017 9:44AM
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Hey Horey. I should've taken your advice and purchased an RE. My C1 is a pain in the ass . Rides up excessively and Velcro starting to fail. The 2018 looks good with the modified lock-up however my cost to kite ratio is too high at the moment Hope to see you on the beach during the next nuking SE'er.

QLD, 189 posts
28 Oct 2017 4:07PM
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Nuking SE'er I'll be at Queens North, light SE'r I'll be at Queens North foiling.... Life is good


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