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2020 Ozone Edge V10, 10m

Created by martinmm5 A week ago, 9 Nov 2019
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9 Nov 2019 12:03PM
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Two weeks ago I borrowed from Kitepower for a demo a new 10m Edge V10 and loved that so much that after the session just text them that I do not bring it back but keep it. :-)

I have already V9, 8m and 10m. I have also recently tried a new 2020 9m Rebel, 9m North Orbit and 10m Core XR6. While Orbit has the fastest turning speed and loops better, Rebel may have a more direct feel and XR6 maybe the most universal and user friendly of these kites, the new Edge has the highest boosting potential and hang time for a non-professional mid-age kiter like me :-) I felt very comfortable on 10m in 25-35 knots, boosting jumps up to 18.9m (according to Woo) without feeling being really overpowered or not in control of the kite. You can see the wind and jump data at photos. I also like low bar pressure (great for my tennis elbows...) and great de-power just by pushing bar away. This what prevents me from being pulled down wind before the take off and power on on takeoff.

In comparison to V9, V10 feels a bit faster, more stable and has more lift. It is very smooth and predictable. Only XR6 is similar in this respect, although with a bit less of the lift.

Soo, if you are thinking about a new BigAir kite, demo the new Edge. If you are still just learning to jump high, try XR6, it pulls you out of any trouble and you need to do nothing else but pull bar to fly. Jump transitions are easier than normal one. If you are a pro on the way to Redbull King of The Air, Orbit or Rebel may be your choice. :-)

I may add few words once I try my Edge on foil and try the new 8m I have got today.

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9 Nov 2019 3:47PM
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Hi Martin, have had V10 11m edge for a couple of weeks now and am like minded with your review, ordered 8m yesterday.


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