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Any feedback on the 2012 cabrinha vector 12m

Created by Bazzarooney > 9 months ago, 3 Sep 2013
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3 Sep 2013 9:12AM
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If relevent, please fill in this template...(& remove this line)

Rider: Weight,Level (beginner,intermediate,advanced)
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Wake, Freestyle
Weather: ?-? knots
Build Quality: ?/10
Satisfaction: ?/10
Disclosure: (e.g. work at a shop/team rider etc)

My Comments:

VIC, 130 posts
3 Sep 2013 3:03PM
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Can only speak for the 11 2012 - nice easy uncomplicated stable kite, responsive enough, easy to relaunch, great wind range, goes well upwind. A bit underpowered for the size so behaves like 1m smaller. A good learner / intermediate kite - Somewhat underrated I think.

VIC, 216 posts
3 Sep 2013 8:25PM
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My mates got an 11m 2012 I would say its def a good beginners kite, I found it had absolutely no balls. Which is prob what u want for a beginner. I found it boring tho. My mate seems to think its alrite he boosts pretty big, keeps up wind well.

The 7m vector is a weapon in strong winds

93 posts
3 Sep 2013 8:16PM
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I wholeheartedly agree with Frontliner and Bazzarooney and own the 7 meter Vector and tried the 9 m & 12 m. Their comments nail it exactly. Don't take what we have to say the wrong way. It's not a bad kite by any means, to the contrary it's a wonderful kite in it's own right. You either need to try one, or if you're a beginner it's a great way to go. You'll learn so much faster on the Vector. Just understand, as you advance, you may or may not desire something else. I know more advanced kiters who love them...

Perspective being everything, I'm a second full season intermediate with a free riding style > twin tips / strapless surfboard in open ocean swell, waves, and flat water / jumping (decent on the Vector)/ carving turns (isn't Vector's forte) / cruising (one of the Vector's strengths). I weigh 158 lbs / 70 kg.

The Vector is somewhat underpowered size for size but this is relative, to other kites you're comparing it against. Coming from the Cabrinha Switchblades (I had a 12 & 8 m and learned on these), they do pivot turn faster, are a bit more stable, relaunch way easier, but like the Switchblade move through turns rather slowly - this is either good or bad depending on your preferences (tricks/wakestyle). The Switchblades do generate a great deal more power through the turns. The Vector is less so, but this is what makes them so great to learn on. They won't punish your mistakes like the Switchblade can. And it's also why the Vector is such a good high wind kite as well.

As I advanced and my needs became more clear, I chose a different kite (Airush Lithium) for a 9 and 12 meter. The Vector is a great kite for progressing on however! And in my opinion better than something like the Switchblade to learn on, albeit a great kite in it's own right.

I tried a 7 m Vector and liked in twenty plus conditions, so I bought one. It really is a good "storm" high wind kite for the same reasons others mentioned. I now am feeling a bit, well, sort of bored (underwhelmed) with the 7 m Vector. I could certainly not be unhappy living with it, but after trying other kites in the 7 meter range, I'm ready for something else > another Lithium or the 013/014 Liquid Force Envy (tried a 7 meter & liked it).

I hope this helps.

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4 Sep 2013 11:05AM
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Thanks for the info lads I've just brought a new one and traded in my old convert

WA, 109 posts
8 Nov 2013 9:19AM
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I need some advice on the 2012 vector

I'm looking to buy my first kite and I'm just going for a single kite until my bank balance recovers.. Due to this kite being pretty forgiving and somewhat underpowered by all accounts, I was tossing up between an 11 or 12 (I'm 92kg) to accomodate the 15-25kn range (Perth metro).

To anyone who's flown these kites, does the 12 seem like a reasonable choice or is this going to force me to sit out in 25kn conditions? Would I be better off going down to an 11 to get a better wind range to get me out more often? I've been told that the depower system is so good on the vector you can easily make the 12 behave like a 10, but I find this idea a little hard to believe.

The plan is to add a 9 down the track when I can afford it to round things out.

Thanks in advance! :)

NSW, 1035 posts
8 Nov 2013 1:57PM
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Rider: Weight,Level 100kg, beginner (six months)
Style: Surf and Lawn mowing
Weather: 15 - 25 knots
Build Quality: 9/10 (done some nasty things to kites while learning and they have soaked it up)
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: Nothing

I currently have this years 12m and 14m vectors and they are really excellent.

Simple to setup and use, no surprises at all. Neither 12 or 14 are super fast through the air (unlike the 8m Rally I have), so I feel quite in control when using them (sure that will bite me!!!).

They both have plenty of grunt when pulling my lard arse out of the water.

Awesome re-launch!!!!!

Works quite well in the surf and on downwinders.


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