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Argo 17m light wind

Created by pilotpete > 9 months ago, 24 Mar 2012
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24 Mar 2012 8:38PM
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Rider: Weight 81kg, Level intermediate
Style: Free riding, Freestyle
Weather: 4-5 knots
Build Quality: 9.5/10
Satisfaction: 9.5/10
Disclosure: Agent

My Comments:
As I unpacked a 17m Argo from Griffin I was very impressed with the build quality. Everything from the large kite bag which has plenty of pockets for keys and such to the many tuning adjustments not provided by other kites.
Build quality is very high and equal to any that I've seen, relate that to the price and you're on to a winner from the start!
One of the reasons for choosing Griffin was the Auto Relaunch this is a must when light wind kite-flying and has proved to be everything Chris said it would be. Just let the bar go when the kite's in the water and she just chugs round to the edge of the window and waits for you to pull on the bar to relaunch, it's easy! I tried this in winds as low as 7-8 knots and it worked every time.
Today we were out in 4-5 knots SW (measured with an anemometer on the beach), the 17m Argo launched from the beach with no problem. We used an Airush Sector 60 as the wind was so low, the de-power was set to full power, kite tips were set to fast (this is very fast turning for a 17m size kite) and the drift setting was set to fully forward i.e. no drift. This allows the kite to fly way up to the edge of the window allowing for insane upwind ability (needless to say we were the only kite out on the flat water today!).
The Argo is very smooth and breeds confidence in the rider from the start. It provided plenty of power in such light winds, however only a week ago I was using this kite in winds gusting to 24 knots using a twin tip and still had control with the de-power ability of this kite.
In summary, if light wind kiting interests you the ARGO 17m is hard to beat in every department and at a price that provides value for money with performance and quality!
Quinns WA
P.s get out there when others can't!


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