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BWSsurf V1be

Created by Wilco4 1 month ago, 17 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020 9:12PM
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Hi Guys trying to find some reviews on the BWS V1be 1 strutter.
Looking at the 11m for surfing and foiling.

NSW, 3146 posts
19 Jan 2020 9:23AM
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I saw one a couple at Merimbula. It looked awesome. I've got to say the one struts look like a really good preference over 3 struts in 10 metres +. It makes a lot of sense for weight and drift.

QLD, 317 posts
20 Jan 2020 5:57PM
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What does it weigh?

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20 Jan 2020 5:18PM
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IMO the ultra 2017 12m creates apparent wind well, relaunches easily in 10knts, has very light bar pressure, and is extremely agile with good drift.

I think the top end is almost 15knts less than a 5 strut, or almost 10knts less than a 3 strut, 12m.


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