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Cabrinha Chaos 11m 2013

Created by Daisy > 9 months ago, 11 Nov 2012
QLD, 144 posts
11 Nov 2012 8:41PM
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Rider: 77kg,Level (experienced)
Style: Freestyle/Surf
Weather: 12-25 knots
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: Fully sponsored by me.....
My Comments:

Have had a month on the new Chaos.

Bar: Very clean and user friendly as you would expect from Cabrinha, better than 2012 as the knots at the start of the front line yoke are cleaner and less susceptible to getting tangled. The toggles for the trim straps are OK I was happy with the old system. Would imagine they might be better if it's cold.

Lines/Bridles: Relatively small bridle that does the job. The lines feel great and there is plenty of adjustment for both front and back lines. Have a look at the videos on the Cabrinha website, absolutely amazes me how many times I show people how to adjust the back lines on their over-sheeted Switchblades.

Kite: Cabrinha quality, and before you heap **** on me just check out few warranty claims they have. The pump and fill valve are great but I get that every year when I pick up a new and well lubed pump...

Performance: I have spent a great deal of time on Switchblades and Fuels, a funny combination, but kites that are familiar to many. The Chaos is a very refined kite for a first timer, got all the good manners of a Fuel and really thats a what you're aiming for in this type of kite. Very smooth, predictable and just sensational when you've got the bar in one hand trying to nail a pass. Won't back down into the window like a Switchblade and rip your arms off when it decides it's time to fly.
If you need to ask about re-launch, wind ranges, low end or up-wind ability then don't buy it. If you want to loop, smash handle passes and like a stable predicable kite then give it a run. Or, buy a Fuel.......

ACT, 18 posts
13 Nov 2012 6:40PM
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Hi Daisy......
I have had the Chaos for a few weeks now and I love the bar but I have found that the kite really doesn't like gusty conditions. I have the 13m and ive noticed that the leading edge tends to fold over a bit to easy thus not retaining its shape very well.
I have yet to have a good fly with it but maybe the 13m isn't the best choice.
Have you had these problems at all?

QLD, 144 posts
14 Nov 2012 1:38PM
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Have given the 11m a good flogging when well overpowered and it seems OK, kite pumped up nice and hard and just edge against it in the gusts.
Have had no dramas with the Chaos so far and yet to find anything I don't like about it.
Will update if anything changes.


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