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Demoed freeride / freestyle boards comparison

Created by johnojjohnso 30 days ago, 19 Jan 2018
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19 Jan 2018 7:51PM
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Hi guys and girls just demod a bunch of boards thought I would share my opinions on them in case any one wants to know
I'm 75kg would say I'm a intermediate avarage sort of rider and definitely no gear expert
Boards demoed all 20017/18 crazyfly raptor 137cm , cabrinha ace 135cm, shinn ronson 136cm, shinn monk 135cm, core fusion 3 135cm and I will include my old board 2016 nobile nhp 134cm as the board has not changed at all apart from graphics
Boards tested in flat choppy conditions 2-4 hours each also took the monk out in smallish surf

Core fusion 3
My pick of the bunch super smooth great in the chop, fast, good up wind, lite and top end performance great pop easy to jump really ticks all the boxes apart from the price tag $1500 also pads super comfy but u can only use core pads on the board

Crazyfly raptor
First thing this board was a bit big for me but that was the size they had on demo
The stiffest board with the least rocker out of the bunch also probably the fastest this board felt like it would give you the most performance very easy to jump big and a lot of pop but at the sacrifice of comfort didn't handle the chop as well and landings were hard but that is just compared to the boards I demod

Cabrinha ace
Really fast fun board perfect amount of grip wanted to be ridden fast this was sort of like the raptor but a little less performance and a little more comfortable i definitely considered this one only thing I didn't like about this it was the pads just to hard when holding a hard edge in powered conditions

Shinn ronson
Really wanted to like the ronson looks great the blurb sounds perfect
Loads of grip in a straight line great up wind but would kind of slip out when not expected and just found it a little erratic this could just be something that you adjust to after time and I would definitely like to have another go at some point also The shinn pads are excellent

Shinn monk
This is the board I ended up buying what was a bit of a surprise as It felt to soft when I picked it up in the shop
Definitely the most comfortable out of the lot when I first got on it I thought it was going to be lacking in performance as it was so comfortable but I was wrong it has the most grip but it's also easy to throw around and goes through chop like it's not there
All the other boards do something better than the monk but this board does everything well with out having to sacrifice to much of something else and is just a lot of fun to ride also I really like the shinn pads
This was the only board I took in the surf can only compare to the nhp but it's the better out of the two

Nobile nhp
So the nhp I had this board for a couple of years
It sits right in the middle of all the boards so mid flex, rocker, pop, upwind in every way.
the monk was the last board I tried and up to then I was keeping the nhp
I was only looking for a upgrade due to the nhp giving me the ****s with the bad hardware iv lost or snapped 3 fins and im on my 3rd set of thumb screws as the fins are plastic and they use quick release screws on every thing what's a great idea if they don't break also was Looking like the pads were going to need replacing soon they have had a lot of use to be fair
Board its self is very good

Sorry about grammar and punctuation I'm on my phone but I hope this helps as a avarage Joe review


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