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Duotone Capa - any info?

Created by NorthernKitesAUS A week ago, 8 Nov 2019
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8 Nov 2019 12:11PM
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Anyone have details about Duotone's latest kite - the Capa? It's a foil/ram-air kite and comes in pretty much all the standard sizes up to 15m. Some exciting videos already out there, but nothing on their official website as yet.


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8 Nov 2019 12:43PM
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Yes, I have had a ride on the Capa. The Capa was designed to be the Soul Destroyer. That was always a pretty ambitious project in my opinion as the Souls is an absolute ball tearer of a kite.

I was sent a 9m to evaluate and unfortunately, I've only had one day where we had enough wind for me to fly it. The day I did ride it was gusty, and definitely on the lihghter side of it's wind range. This coupled with me riding it on my race foil on 13m lines has probably been anything other than ideal and fair conditions to evaluate and review.

What I can say is that the kite is SUPER easy to launch and fly. It's the most stable ram air kite I've flown. It inflates quickly and even in the light and gusty winds I was using it in, with short race lines it just did as instructed. The 9m has a very low aspect ratio shape with a generous profile, all which make it stable and easy to relaunch.

My findings were at odds to all other testers so I need to retest it on longer lines in a decent breeze, then will add more info. My initial feelings are that it doesn't tread on the Souls toes too much but fits in between the Hyperlink and the Soul in terms of performance, but is even easier than the Hyperlink to fly, if that's even possible. A perfect first Ram Air kite with reasonable performance.

I have now been sent an 11m which will be a better size for getting it lit up in Perth conditions. The previous test was vs a Soul 10m

Caveat : This review could change dramatically with better test conditions. Stay tuned ...



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