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Griffin TRX V6 2012....experience?

Created by dazarter > 9 months ago, 17 Nov 2015
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17 Nov 2015 10:20PM
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Hi guys, im looking at a used Griffin TRX from 2012 in 12m, was just wondering if anyone has had one or still has it worth it to get the kite (200 euros in Germany). I mainly just jump, down loop tricks, cruise and some wave stuff (just starting wave). the name Griffin here in Germany is unheard of - you mainly have North- core etc.
Would appreiciate any personal experiences with this model....

Thanks a lot


NSW, 1348 posts
18 Nov 2015 6:35AM
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waaay underpowered kite. Try and find a 2013 and up model and then buy the 2016 upgrade bridle. Or look at other kites. Kite loops well, turning speed is excellent. But unless you are very light weight, this will disappoint due to it's lack of power.

NSW, 540 posts
29 Nov 2015 9:04AM
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I still use a 2012 trx 12m and it's a great kite , it has an updated bridle witch you could get from for a small price .
I use it for strapless surf board in the surf and with the twin tip for tricks in flat water . I performs really well for both styles , heaps of drift for the surf and has good lift and float for jumps , not as powered as the Argo, but the perfect mix if you using it for both styles .

WA, 716 posts
29 Nov 2015 7:51PM
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I'm still waiting for my bridle to turn up, either I got griffins PayPal address wrong again or he has forgotten about me.

Oh well if it does not happen so be it, I have not used the kite much at all as I have not really dialed into it or it is just not my style.



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