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Griffin TRX

Created by tokite2000 > 9 months ago, 3 Nov 2015
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3 Nov 2015 3:16AM
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Anyone know what's new for the TRX line in 2016?

Or its the same kite as 2013, 14,15 with the exception of the new improved bridle lines.

NSW, 1157 posts
3 Nov 2015 8:35AM
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I just received a 10m TRX 2016.

Immediate observed differences are: change to leading edge at wing tip corners - now rounded, different graphics, bridles could be slightly longer in some sections, better inflation valve, better bag - that's it so far.

In the air still a nice responsive kite with maybe even a lighter feel and possibly a little more bottom end. Improved launching possibly due to rounded corners.

So far only Kited it in 15 kn max NE so need more time on water for further comment.


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