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Peter Lynn Escape relaunch issues?

Created by mrGee Two weeks ago, 27 Sep 2019
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27 Sep 2019 4:35AM
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Somebody told me the Peter Lynn Escape V7 or V8 is very hard to relaunch. Does anybody fly this kite, is there a relaunch issue?

QLD, 805 posts
27 Sep 2019 12:49PM
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No. There is not.

And that's in less than 10knots. And it's the older V1

I doubt you'll have any issues.

WA, 7305 posts
27 Sep 2019 10:59AM
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Take an early C kite out and try and relaunch it for a day. Then go back out on your escape. Won't be an issue then.

WA, 1684 posts
28 Sep 2019 5:54AM
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Learn this technique to relaunch any low V kite in the lightest wind possible..

WA, 1928 posts
3 Oct 2019 10:26AM
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I fly this kite, never had a problem relaunching


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"Peter Lynn Escape relaunch issues?" started by mrGee