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WiND-X Monsoonz 10m V's Flysurfer Speed II 10 Test

Created by crakas > 9 months ago, 21 Jul 2007
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21 Jul 2007 9:17PM
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First off I must tell you that I was in for a **** day but at the time of pumping up a kite I did not know that…..What I knew at the time was I was going to ride the New WiND-X Monsoonz and Flysurfer Speed II …both 10 meters and test them back to back. Yeah Baby!!!!

Things went bad after a while. You know how it goes …some days you rip…some days you are ****…this was one of the latter. I felt as clumsy as a teenager going for his first grope…and just as excited as well. Both were strange kites …that didn’t help….so in that afternoon I managed to break a bridle, snap a fin and lose my good sunnies under a wave….However I did enjoy flying both kites.

The conditions were cross/onshore and the wind was averaging about 13 to 15 knots…sometimes down to 10 and up to about 17. Also the waves were up to head high on the sets and there was a strong sweep running the same way as the wind for the first 25 meters off the beach. Just your typical surf type conditions we get here.

I’m just an average rider…very average…but I love kiting. I’m not into freestyle, what I really get off on is trying to ride the biggest wave I can find on the day….love it..

My preferences in a kite are depower, upwind ability and wind range….this suits me for riding in the surf.

Ok to sum it up….a score out of 10 for each area I guess….


Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 7/10

Anybody who has looked at a recent Flysurfer can see that these kites are made real nice…..the Monsoonz’s quality would be some where between a 06 and 07 sonic.

Value for money…

Speed II 9/10
Monsoonz 10/10

The speed II costs nearly $900 dollars more.

Power per dollar value….

Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 10/10

You get more power for your dollar with the Monsoonz.


Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 10/10

The Monsoonz depowers more than the Speed II.

Usable Wind Range….

Speed II 8/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Not sure on the ultimate top ends of there kites yet, however the Monsoonz depowers more so this may allow a higher top end….this is just a guess..

Low End Power….

Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both these kites have about the same bottom end….amazing kites for low end power.

Turning Speed….

Speed II 7/10
Monsoonz 8/10

Pretty evenly matched….the Monsoonz is a tad quicker…both quicker than I expected.


Speed II 10/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both are awesome considering the conditions….everyone else were doing down winders.


Not Tested….yet.


Speed II 9/10
Monsoonz 10/10

Both kites produce colossal amounts of lift. Stand on the beach and pull down the bar …up you go. The Monsoonz was my favourite here for sure…pull in the bar and up I went…ooohhh baby!! was love at first flight… I guess this why they go up wind so well.


Speed II 8/10
Monsoonz 8/10

Both very good…both will sit a zenith for a little while before they drift to the side and down to the ground. Both benit from resting against the stopper with some power left in the kite to help with stability. The Speed II does suffer from collapsing if there is a sudden change in wind direction…this is because it does not have any stiff structure…like an inflated leading edge. Saying that is a awesome kite but not for a beginner. The Monsoonz is more beginner friendly.


Wind conditions were not idea, so I’d rather not comment yet….I was still getting used to the kites….they both had plenty of pop…they just had a different feel.

These kites are very evenly matched on everything performance wise….price not so….one you have to pump and the other you don’t.

I really like both these kites and your choice of purchase would depend on what you like….foil or LEI, but I don’t reckon you could not go wrong with either. The Speed II is quicker to set up and pack down obviously.

I really like both of these kites….which would I choose…mmmm.. tough one…I think the Monsoonz offers better bang for your buck….but the down side is you have to pump it up.



PS. I’ll probably add more when I think of it….any questions I’ll try and answer.

WA, 572 posts
21 Jul 2007 7:20PM
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wow thats longer than my assighments at school!!!!

Bribie Rob
QLD, 18 posts
21 Jul 2007 9:30PM
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Crakas, Windx ?? where you get these from in Oz ??... $900 is a big price difference for kites that you rate so close.

Jeff R
QLD, 51 posts
22 Jul 2007 1:16PM
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Bribie / Rob $900 is a hugh difference in costings how ever Flysurfer Kites are a world wide known quality kite .
Will last longer than standard kites with an excellent resale value .

Usable wind range Sp.8/10 & Monsoonz 10/10 ????
Low end range Sp. 10/10 & Monsoonz 10/10 ????

How is this quoted when only used in 15 knots of wind and came in after sailing the Speed 2/10 raving about how good it was to use .

I won,t rave on about the speed, how ever may be the author is a bit one sided on the review due to the kite he markets . Read any foil zone review / which is world wide / on the performance & quality of Flysurfer Kites .

QLD, 356 posts
22 Jul 2007 3:52PM
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Bribie Rob,

The nearly $900 price difference is in the quality….the quality of the flysurfer kites are second to none. I love the Speed II and would love to have one. The performance of the kites are very close. A LEI will not last as long as the flysurfers will (my opinion), but are generally cheaper to purchase.


I know you want me to bite so I will…..

Yes I did rave about the Speed II because it is a good kite (look at the quality rating I gave it). I believe it is far better than the Psycho III IMO.

“however may be the author is a bit one sided on the review due to the kite he markets”

Didn’t I suggest to you last year that you should get a Flysurfer…at that time you did not even know about them?….I remember selling you one…..!!!! You know how much I like foils….

So therefore my review is impartial, however these opinions could change with more time on the kites.

You also question my rating on the low end and usable wind ranges. The usable wind range is different to the low end of a kite .... both had the same low end. I think the Speed II will top out before the Monsoonz does IMO.

Hope your back gets better soon Jeff….

QLD, 374 posts
23 Jul 2007 1:56PM
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You quote the upper wind range of both kites as being the same, yet the Flysurfer web site shows the Speed 2 10m to be 8 - 32 knots, yet the Wind-X Monsoonz web site shows the 10m as only 10/11 - 20++. Who is the distributer here in OZ - you maybe?
I can vouch for the quality of Flysurfer kites as a user, yes they do cost more than most others but are possibly as popular as most other big name kites overseas and have the benefit of also being able to be used for snowkiting. Also looking at other websites, Flysurfers seem to hold a very high resale value many years on.


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