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BANNED:1st Kitesurfing-now Jetskiis-next IceCream?

Created by Rockets > 9 months ago, 21 Nov 2013
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21 Nov 2013 12:53PM
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Well, they managed to stop people from using the wind.... Who would have ever thought that the government would actually restrict the use of air??? Well, they did.

Now, Charles Sturt council, with the help of a small group of whinging biddies from WACRA are at it again... This time, Banning all PWC from accessing the beach for up to 200m through grange, westbeach and henly, and the rest of the metro beaches to follow if MP paul caica gets his way.

Charles sturt is looking to ban fun in general on our beaches.... If you think this is utter (r@p, then we would love to have your support in having this ban thrown out.

Please like the following facebook page: and comment there letting everyone know how its unfair that some beachgoers are restricted from using our waterways

If you are willing to sign the petition, please do so at it would be very helpfull

If this precedent is allowed to continue, who knows whats next? No icecream on the beach??

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21 Nov 2013 6:00PM
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Opened up the wrong forum - but sure cant let this go by without a comment.
If they are out in a rescue role they are great pieces of equipment - Recreational use - hopefully they'll ban them from Christies Beach to Sellicks as well - sick of the noisy stinking things - I've seen them this week dodging surfers an SUP'rs in the river mouth at Pt noarlunga This winter 5 of the dickheads blasting through surfers at Triggs and Uturns then the river mouth - no respect for anyone in the water

The endless drone of jets skis in the evening down this way when you go for a walk on the beach just ruins the place.
Is there a petition to support banning them??

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22 Nov 2013 10:52AM
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Your kidding right....
The ban affects what is the current 4knot zone inside 200m, you know, the section of beach where they dont make noise, and will force more jetskiis into the areas you currently speak of (the areas that they can go as fast as they like near the beach)...
The people lobbying for this are the same people that lobbied to ban kites from the beaches.... The beach is for everyone.
The petition supports finning the dickheads driving dangerously that break the current laws, Under the current laws, (and anyone doing more than 4knots around surfers/swimmers not en-tow is breaking the law already) instead of preventing the ability to idle in and park near facilities like bins, cafes, toilets etc...
Bans wont stop those who unknowingly break the law from breaking it, and it wont stop those who break the law deliberateley from breaking it, it only stops those who do the right thing from collecting thier families safely from the beachfront.
To stop the idiots, the police need to enforce the law, but ban or no ban, lack of enforcement will still result in the same idiots causing the same problems, changes to the law will not assist with that!.

The alternative encourages littering, taking a dump on the beach, forces more craft into smaller areas further south resulting in dangerous congestion levels that WILL result in colissions with other water users as a result. It spurrs on caicas agenda to ban beaches from everyone participating in recreational or sporting activities he choses to dissaprove of.... It widens the cracks to encourage further bans for kite surfers, surfer, wakeboarders, skiiers, kyakers.... Everyone.... The beach is not just for the members of wacra, and laws need to be decided upon intelligent reasoning, not the lobbying of a small group of biddies who dislike fun

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22 Nov 2013 11:49AM
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Nup not kidding hate the dickheads that pollute our bit of coastline with there stench and noise. I'm no biddie just someone with a personal opinion at the opposite end if the jet ski fraternity. Problem is there is no policing and thes ****wits do what they want when they want

There was a lot of support to ban them from moana 10 years ago - maybe it needs to be revisited .

Good luck in your venture but I doubt you'll get much support from most people down this way - that's it from me so if I see you out there while I'm having a surf ill wave politely and ask you to take ya stinking piece if crap somewhere else

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24 Nov 2013 1:02PM
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One thing your right about, is the dickheads definiteley need policing.....
But your problem, is your stance is discriminative.... If your against noise and polution do you also want to ban cars, boats, motorbikes, electricity, loud laughter, power tools? Im guessing probably not, you're just specifically against jetskiis only for watever reason......Why do you feel you have more right to the beach than a RESPONSIBLE pwc user (because were in agreement the dickheads should be fined)?
Like I said, the ban at charles sturt will not affect moanna in the way you hope it will, it will push more riders down there, giving you the opposite outcome of what your after.... If caica gets his long term goal, the beaches south of brighton will be flooded with jetski riders because they have nowhere else to go.... This will make things down right dangerous with a huge increase of the number of motor vehicles in a smaller area..... If you want to limit the number of jetskiis down there, you should signt the petition to stop charles sturt from trying to make it happen

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17 Dec 2013 9:49PM
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Just to update... this council has now banned ALL BOATS from their beaches as of today!

So, now you can put your personal feelings of pwc riders aside, and decide if you think its fair to block beach access to all boat owners.... that means no fishing in the whiting grounds, no anchoring for a swim, no coming ashore for an ice-cream, no snorkelling or scuba diving....
All because of the morons from Wacra (Wan#%rs Against Citizens Recreational Activities)....
I thought I might of had a group here that could relate after the no kitesurfing areas were introduced... well... they aren't stopping here... so, unless were all going to settle for no boating, kitesurfing, jetskiing, sailing, bodyboarding, or any other recreational activity on our beaches, I strongly urge you to sign the petition above so we can try and put an end to this type of council action off the back of small lobby groups once and for all!

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18 Dec 2013 9:29AM
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Well Im pretty sure councils only control the beaches as in the sandy bit. Council by laws do not cover the water that is covered by stated by-laws and therefore patrolled by DPTI or police.
So if its a state law tell the council general inspector and or the DPTI officer to take a hike either one have no authority to hold you.

As for the Jet skis I think they all should be crushed with or without the operator if caught doing over the 4 knot limit

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18 Dec 2013 1:00PM
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Rockets this is a kitesurfing section of seabreeze.
Your thread so far is confusing and seems to be about PWC.
I'm not sure but I don't think we are catergerised as PWC.
& Charles Sturt do let us kitesurf in certain areas.
So if u continue with this thread please keep it to kitesurfing.
& stop confusing with this probable non kiting issue.
Thank you.

high as a kite
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18 Dec 2013 2:06PM
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+1 for what Russ said, although he too is on the wrong forum

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23 Dec 2013 10:15AM
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A day after these posts while SUPing on a 40C day at grange I had a steroid filled rock ape on a jet ski come screaming at me (well over 4 knots) and on purpose make a massive bow wave next to me and sent me flying off my SUP within 30m of Henley jetty and the beach. I lost a hat and sunglasses. When I paddled back to them I was verbally threaten with violence if I report them. Jetskis are now banned between the Torrens and Grange rd. GOOD NEWS!

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28 Dec 2013 7:20PM
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small tip...

ROCKETS, if you want sympathy of non-petrol-head ocean users, change your name to not reflect RJB's incident, and lose the cheesy selfie of you on your stink machine.

i feel your pain, but sorry mate, you don't have my vote.

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23 Jan 2014 6:32PM
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Well, I don't particularly like jet skis either, but I'm equally sick of the nanny state approach too many councils are taking to banning or restricting practically everything that moves on the water. This is especially true of the City of Holdfast Bay. The fact that councils technically only control the beach (not the water) misses the rather obvious point that the mast majority of kitesurfers need to use the beach to launch and land.

I guess we should all start working on our deep water launches...


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