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Best Kite Size for Brisbane

Created by Donnie911 5 months ago, 26 Jun 2021
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26 Jun 2021 3:55PM
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Hey there,
I am a passionate Kiter who is was wondering if some one could help me pick the right size kite for Brisbane.
I weigh 75Kg and I already have a 10 meter Evo.
Cheers Isaac

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30 Jun 2021 11:47AM
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Usual combo is a 12m and a 9m, but it's a personal preference. Depends how powered you like to ride, and how big your board is.
Some people make a 10m work as their all-rounder, but you may need a big board (or surfboard) for light days.
If you're foiling, you could probably get away with a 10m as the only kite - foil on light days and twintip on windy days.


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"Best Kite Size for Brisbane" started by Donnie911