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Wind conditions in Altona Beach / summer

Created by Jul from France 2 months ago, 27 Aug 2018
Jul from France
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27 Aug 2018 11:54PM
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Hi everybody, I am fortunate to spend two months in Australia (January to March 2019) for work in Werribee and Melbourne ... I have chosen to live in Altona beach for kitesurfing. Unfortunately the baggage is very limited, and I'm not going to take my 3 kites .. Can someone tell me what the average wind conditions in summer on this spot, please? And also, do I have to enroll in an association to kiting on this spot?
Thank you in advance and see you soon!

VIC, 547 posts
28 Aug 2018 5:40AM
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12 meter or 10 depending on your weight. I am 85 K and use my 12 meter kite most of the time.
seabreeze starts at 2 pm then depending of weather can blow up to 9 pm but most of the time starts to lose the punch from 6 pm

VIC, 23 posts
29 Aug 2018 6:27PM
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No association required.
15 to 20 knots. 12m is my main kite at 85kg

QLD, 666 posts
6 Sep 2018 10:01AM
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+1 for the above, but I would highly recommend you wear booties out there, especially near the Apex Park end. Heaps and heaps of stingrays, urchins and sometimes blue-ringed octopuses.


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"Wind conditions in Altona Beach / summer" started by Jul from France