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Kamikaze kite launch

Created by geordieboy 6 months ago, 7 Feb 2022
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7 Feb 2022 8:22AM
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Was sat at mullaloo yesterday arvo watching a guy trying to get up on a foil board he gave up after a while there was 4 people in his group of Europium's ( not sure French / Italians )
the foil guy had another turn and got his mate to launch him , at first he walked directly up wind from his kite and was going to self launch but at the last minute his mate picked up his kite , as soon as the wind got into kite it powered up nearly slicing the guys face and fingers
I asked him if he was ok and asked why he launched him in that position. I got a basic shrug of the shoulder
about 10 mins after that he launched a woman's kite exactly the same way he got away with it but she was dragged a bit up the beach till she got control
another 2 guys set up and all done the same walked into the kamikaze position unfken believable
I launched the last guy but made him walk back to side on it was time to leave before someone got seriously hurt where did these people get lessons

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7 Feb 2022 11:34AM
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Yep, seeing a lot of interesting launches down here at and near the pond too. I would have thought lessons cover this topic sufficiently. Let's not forget though that the kiter has to walk into the right position, before putting lines under tension. The person picking up and holding the kite may or may not be switched on and experienced enough to correct the position for the kiter (but this is not to be per se expected).

The good old thumbs up sign when ready is also somewhat ignored often (by both kiter and launcher).

Back to basics for some perhaps... (not limited to Euro's I would argue)

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7 Feb 2022 2:30PM
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Its not the responsibility of the launcher, its the kiter who needs to walk into the correct position before tension to the lines, however much funnier seeing someone getting giftwrapped imho


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