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Perth to Carnarvon in November

Created by tugnin 2 months ago, 15 Sep 2018
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15 Sep 2018 6:44PM
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I will come to WA on 25th of November until 4th of December.
I will fly to Perth than get a car and going north at least to Carnarvon maybe to Exmouth.
Only 10 days, I know...
Which places/kite spot I don't have to miss???
Someone want to join?

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16 Sep 2018 2:29PM
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Change your flights if you can!
Midwest Windfest in Dongara (3.5 hour drive north of Perth), 23, 24 and 25 November.

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16 Sep 2018 8:09PM
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It's doable but you'll be gutted you couldn't stay longer,
hire a camper at west oz boardsports
kite at the pond
hit the road early each morning due to seabreeze starting around lunch/ afternoon
then lancelin,
wedge island
jurien bay
dongara south beach ( wicked spot) ??
Geraldton / coronation beach
horrocks and gregory
sharkbay region
exmouth, 10 days and a big drive back to your flight, you'll be left wondering why you didn't tell the boss to stick his job up his arse and do a 12 month visa here??

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16 Sep 2018 9:44PM
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Dude it's a big fckn place for 10 days. Also leaves no margin for a potential lull in the Wind (bahahahha who am I kidding). At least the first sentence is true.

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17 Sep 2018 12:41AM
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Thank you!
My bosses are my wife and my 2 kids...
I can't stay longer but I want to visit WA, already been in Queensland 2 times some years ago!
Thanks Cauncy for your advice, for sure I will drive a lot than I will relax at home once back in Europe

If someone want to join just ask!

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17 Sep 2018 12:32PM
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Could fly to Exmouth 1st
grab a camper from Scotty at Exmouth camper hire, do a few days then move down the coast and fly out at Perth, I've known crew to do this


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