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LLM for sale in Vic?

Created by ringabell > 9 months ago, 17 Apr 2017
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17 Apr 2017 8:52AM
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Gidday all,before I start amassing steel,buying a welder,learning to weld,clearing the shed(the most problematic part).Does anyone have a mini or something similar for sale in Melbourne area?
New to forum so hope this goes in the right spot.

VIC, 1058 posts
18 Apr 2017 3:12PM
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I've got a Mini minus mast and sail in Bendigo I could sell.

Actually I'll have to check I haven't scrounged anything else from it before saying more. Ignore the lack of boom in the pics, I rigged it that way for funzies!

VIC, 20 posts
3 Jul 2017 6:30PM
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I think you should get a blow kart

SA, 2840 posts
3 Jul 2017 6:26PM
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Kooga said..
I think you should get a blow kart

Why a Blokart?...... Time for your sales pitch.

Or maybe this a DIY sort of guy.


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