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Mini Skeeter 101

Created by US772 > 9 months ago, 1 Jun 2018
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1 Jun 2018 10:04PM
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I decided last minute to take a trip out to the Washington coast to try to do some landsailing. The Grayland area has a nice beach designated for landsailing. I researched the tide charts, wind and weather conditions. Lining up low tide (more beach) and the afternoon wind worked right for the time I choose. I also wanted to go before Memorial day to have less people on the beach. I found a nice campsite about a mile from the beach access. You can drive vehicle's over the beach making it easy to set up your landsailer. I found the wind to be super steady both days. The first day it was a North side wind making for many tacks and jibes. The second day was more of a reach day. It's not as fast as sailing on a dry lake but still a lot of fun. The speed limit is 25 mph. I claim the 5th. While I was there I surfed in the mornings before the wind came up. My days consisted of surf, shower, lunch, landsail and dinner. Needless to say I slept well at night. I had a lot of interest in the Mini Skeeter. The area is a commercial fishing port. Good fresh seafood. It was very low key and the people were nice. I decided to make an instructional video too.


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10 Jun 2018 8:19AM
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awesome looking wide and long.pity about the speed limit. fortunately land yachts aren't don't have speedos

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17 Jun 2018 9:42AM
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What size rims were you running on your yacht? It looked like 8" rims from your video. The winds at the coast don't west or east to much
but when they do the beach is great. We are about 72 miles from long beach so it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there. We try and go during
the week, not so many people, until we show up. Hope to get some hours in this summer, have some good minus tides July & August. I'm using the same sail you are but it seams the wind surfing rigs have more low end power than I do, I'm using a 40% carbon mast.

Pray For Wind

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19 Nov 2018 9:57AM
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Link for info on the wheels:

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20 Nov 2018 6:39PM
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Good video, great beach!


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