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how do live aboards get insurance if you are not in a home port

Created by grich62 1 month ago, 14 Jan 2020
QLD, 535 posts
14 Jan 2020 11:29AM
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can any one surgest a 3 rd party insurance to allow you to enter mariners

NSW, 582 posts
14 Jan 2020 3:41PM
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I'm resonably certain they require full comprehensive

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14 Jan 2020 12:42PM
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New wave marine, do it all online.

WA, 1515 posts
14 Jan 2020 11:04PM
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I'm all most certain 3rd party doesn't get you into marinas.
My experience requires public liability.

NSW, 246 posts
15 Jan 2020 6:11AM
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NRMA let me roam for 3 years without any problems , I just let them know what state I was in every three months and they were happy with that . Took out the insurance when I had a mooring at Port Stephens NSW. I'm pretty sure it has to be full comp as well , it's not that expensive if you don't insure your rig .


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"how do live aboards get insurance if you are not in a home port" started by grich62