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A taller mast is your friend

Created by Jeffs256 6 months ago, 2 Dec 2018
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2 Dec 2018 3:44PM
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Have to say shifting to a taller mast is a good thing - you shouldn't think it's an advanced option!
There's times when I know I would have breached on a standard mast flying through the chop and backwash troughs. You also get just a bit more reaction time to push forward as the acceleration kicks in. There's probably buckets of stiffness benefits thrown in as well, although it comes with a weight and draft penalty.
Heres a sequence at Foil Bay - on an Iwa at the limit of keeping it under water.


2 Dec 2018 6:00PM
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I agree 100%..... Can't go back to my short mast now.... good photos :)


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"A taller mast is your friend" started by Jeffs256