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Fanatic Aero Foil Review

Created by Adventure Sports Noosa > 9 months ago, 3 Jul 2020
3 Jul 2020 9:43AM
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We've started using the Fanatic Aero a lot in our school as well as just foiling in general, figured I better post a review as I haven't seen a lot about it online!

We were apprehensive at first on the Fanatic foil as it's a bit on the heavy side, we didn't even order any initially partly because of this, and because we already had other foils in stock. A couple of months ago though we figured we'd better get one and give it a test before this season as the Aero looks like it's going to run through the 2021 season and has a few new HA wing options coming in.

Overall, very impressed! The weight is clearly a trade off in getting a stiff/rigid construction that we didn't really think was quite as important as it was, but we've found especially with larger riders and more people starting to pump even on a SUP, that you really want to make sure every connection point is as tight as it can be to remove any wobble or slop. The Fanatic Aero does this really well, everything feels super stiff and consistent both on the beach and out on the water.

The weight underneath you doesn't really seem to matter on the water, you rarely seem to even notice it and when you do, it normally seems to make things feel more stable if anything. Carrying it down the beach is a different story

It definitely feels more efficient to pump than some of the others we've been using, and I think a lot of that has to do with how solid the whole thing is. The mast and base plate is super solid with the welded/bonded join between them, the fuselage look very beefy, you can see how stiff it is when you try and wobble it on the ground, it doesn't really twist at all.

The high stiffness combined with a very stable and easy wing makes this probably the easiest foil we've used, it's quickly become a favourite for teaching. We're using mostly the 2000, it creates a huge amount of initial lift but is still very controllable, and I think the stiffness helps with this a lot too, it makes for a more "direct" feel/feedback from the foil underneath so you get a better idea of what you're doing wrong.

In terms of performance for bigger waves or more experienced wing foiling, you're probably going to want the High Aspect wings which we haven't tried yet, but I haven't really found the regular 2000 holding me back at all so far. It's still fairly agile, been using it with the short 640mm fuselage which probably helps, and pretty efficient/fast and very easy to catch waves with. Have yet to find the speed a problem anyway.

We've got a video here below, did a bit more of a write up on the website too. Any questions at all feel free to ask, we've been getting a good bit of time on the water with it lately!

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3 Jul 2020 10:08AM
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A mate used the HA 1250 wing over here. His daily ride is an Armstrong. He was really impressed how it went wingdinging, fast, stable and turned really well. Only down side is the weight was his comment. Carbon version due out next year

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3 Jul 2020 10:27AM
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Yeah I've been using the new 1250 , 1550 & 1750 HA Fanatic wings for the wingding which have been great and the 1250 also turned out pretty good on the prone & an awesome tow in wing. They are also lighter than the original Aero's but still carry some weight.

4 Jul 2020 11:45AM
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I'm keen to try the HA1750 but mine hasn't turned up yet , but i had another fun session in tiny waves on my 2000 this morning again


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