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Perth downwinders

Created by scubaste 7 months ago, 31 Oct 2018
WA, 170 posts
31 Oct 2018 4:21PM
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Is there anyone doing or interested in doing downwinders on a foil sup in Perth?
Just thinking of giving it a crack from say Leightons to Scabs..

Scotty Mac
SA, 1862 posts
1 Nov 2018 1:08PM
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Downwind foiling is no fun at all. Bad idea, don't bother.......

WA, 3158 posts
1 Nov 2018 5:40PM
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I will be giving it a shot after the King of the Cut race when my new foil SUP arrives, up till then I will mainly be down winding on my 14'er.
I have had a couple of attempts in marginal winds without any real success.

3 Nov 2018 3:22PM
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I have given a couple a try and found the best runs start from Cott onwards. Right out from the break wall at Port seems to be a bit smaller so harder to get up. Not sure what your pumping skills are like but if they are like mine, paddling out in the bigger bumps is needed. Drop into the shop to have a chat as there are a few crew doing them and we can get you in contact.


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"Perth downwinders" started by scubaste