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Signature vs Unifoil

Created by bigmtn 5 months ago, 17 Jun 2020
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17 Jun 2020 6:46AM
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I just picked up a Signature Albatross 210 from a buddy. I know that most of the Signature wings are the same as the Unifoil wings, just wondering if they are all the same, or only certain models. Anyone know which are the same/different? Also do the Uni wings fit on a the Signature masts, and vice versa?

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11 Oct 2020 8:10PM
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Hi bigmtn

I have recently become the importer for Signature Foils Australia. I realise this is an old post, I thought I would respond anyway . Unifoil and Signature do share a few of the same wing designs in there lineup that were designed by Clifford from Unifoil . The Unifoil Vortex 175 And Signature Stealth 175 are the same .
The Unifoil hyper 210 and the Signature Albatross 210 are the same . Apart from that there other models are different . Unifoil have the Hyper 210,190,170,150
Signature have the Albatross 250,210,165

Unifoil Vortex 150,175
Signature Stealth 175,200

Signature have now brought out another line of wings called the Game Changer which is a mid aspect wing and a great all rounder .

Both brands now have a modular fuselage although they will not interchange .

The mast connection joint is the same and all wings will interchange as far as I'm aware .

I'm Happy to answer any questions when it comes to Signature Foils .
Robbie 0401 774 448


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