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Sunova Larry Foiler With a dolphin

Created by SurfFX Two weeks ago, 8 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020 5:24PM
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Check out the surprise guest in the surf footage of the new Sunova Larry Foiler prone board

QLD, 5697 posts
8 Jan 2020 7:21PM
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Got to spend a couple of weeks with Larry . This guy is the pump king , and his brand name boards are A grade . Big props to Sunova and Larry for these leading edge designs . For a market that moves so fast Sunova are top of the list for design changes in the ever evolving market .

WA, 5041 posts
8 Jan 2020 8:27PM
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Amateur, this how you do it

NSW, 77 posts
9 Jan 2020 6:53AM
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Wow , I always assumed those smart dolphins knew where we were all the time and I didn't have to worry.

WA, 7507 posts
13 Jan 2020 9:52PM
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Did you know that Larry was the number 1 Seabreeze member? Bit of useless information for you all.

WA, 24 posts
15 Jan 2020 8:32PM
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hilly said..
Amateur, this how you do it

Larry needs a more tactile dolphin experience like yourself.

Lot disappointment.


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