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8'7 SUNOVA Placid Review

Created by Timsups 2 months ago, 16 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021 1:37PM
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The 8'7 SUNOVA Placid I ordered came in a few days after Christmas. I've been able to get out on it 4-5 times since it arrived. Most days have been small, with only one day of truly quality surf. But I've been on it enough to get a good feel for its potential.

We did have some issues getting the board to me here in FLA. However, the guys ay SUNOVA were fantastic to deal with and did everything possible to get the board to me in a timely way. The board arrived in perfect shape. It is wider than I'm used to but I love the overall template, the thin rails and pulled in tail.
Once on the water the thing that immediately impressed me was how stable the board is. With the wetsuit and a few additional winter pounds I'm easily weighing 220-225 lbs. Yet the 8'7 Placid not only floated me but is more stable than my 8'10 STEEZE and my 10' Style. Obviously, the extra width and rail shape were coming into play.

As to how it surfs?...WOW!!! It surfs shorter than its length, is quick and responsive... and is just plain FUN! Candidly, at 31.5 inches,I was concerned about how the Placid would perform in light of its width. My general opinion over the years is that if a board is over 30 inches wide, it's not going to perform very well on a wave. The new Placid proved that idea wrong! The extra width turned out to be a non-issue and was hardly noticeable other the improving stability. (From posts I've been reading I see that Creek is also discovering the same thing).

And the verdict so far???..This is a really good board! It performs great, is super stable and I can already see it has tremendous potential in lots of different conditions. Owning this board is gonna be a FUN RIDE!!

I wanted to add that I've only ridden the board with a quad fin setup. The reviews I have read on the Placid recommended this. With quads, the board is quick and skatey, and the tail is looser than the thruster setup I normally use. (I look forward to a good day of surf when I can change the fins out and make a fair comparison).

I've attached a couple of photos of the new board and a video a guy took of me riding it on a small day this week. I'm looking forward to lots of more days when I'll be riding the Placid ..every one with a smile on my face!!

Hope this review is helpful..

Ps. I let a good friend try out my new board. After trying the Placid on two different days he was so impressed he immediately contacted our local SUNOVA representative and placed his order....Smart guy!!

Here's a link to the video:

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16 Jan 2021 1:46PM
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good your enjoying the placid ..its a favourite of mine too ...great allrounder i reckon .

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16 Jan 2021 9:54PM
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you are killing it on your Placid!!
I expect waves like that when I visit on Monday

Very stoked to see you and the JAX crew!
See you soon

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17 Jan 2021 1:48AM
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good review and surfing clip. The Placid looks both stable and loose on a small wave. Nice surfing rhythm and style. cheers



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