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Anyone still got a Mistress?

Created by wazza66 1 month ago, 13 May 2021
QLD, 530 posts
13 May 2021 6:26PM
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Anyone still riding their 10ft Mistress ?

Don't see or hear much about them anymore. I know they aren't made or sold anymore but just seeing if anybody still rides them and what they think of the performance.

NSW, 343 posts
14 May 2021 3:56PM
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I had the older Runway that I sold to a friend that still has it... An interestingly fun board and probably closer to a true nose rider than much else on the market nowadays....

I was also up at the Port Stephens SUP Challenge last month and the guy who won the 10' O50's Div was on a Mistress.....

VIC, 287 posts
14 May 2021 4:26PM
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2 or 3 times a week with my mistress

28 posts
14 May 2021 8:04PM
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Still running mine on a regular basis. Performs as good as the day I bought it. Such a fun board.

QLD, 12 posts
14 May 2021 11:11PM
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Had one but sold it as was more focused on bigger wave boards. Awesome board if you can find one. Like a few of the models in the atlantis/waterborn range they have a cult following. Sub $1000 solid as a rock and a lot of fun

VIC, 30 posts
15 May 2021 10:20PM
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Yes still riding my Mistress great fun board, possibly one of the more underrated 10' boards and as mentioned
closer to a traditional noserider. Pity they didn't keep producing and refining the model, it was slightly
ahead of its time.


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"Anyone still got a Mistress?" started by wazza66