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Bote Hd

Created by upsidedahead 1 month ago, 20 Apr 2019
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20 Apr 2019 8:16PM
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Hi all...

I've just acquired a brand new BOTE HD 12ft Gatorshell SUP


It's early days yet, but initial runs have shown me that this board performs extremely well.

I purchased for fishing, and exploring.

It's super stable, and the HD hull really works at slicing through the chop with minimal chatter.

Paddle holder is very helpful when using fishing rod. Just make sure you've got it in property, or it could slip out. I got it sussed out properly on my second attempt.

Still waiting on a tackle rack. I'm confident that this item will help with fishing too, as it has two rod holders as well as pack storage. Will post moremore , once I've got the rack.

HD also has tie down anchors for an eski if U want. Also has front and rear bungees for extra gear (held my landing net, no problem). Has waterproof stashpot for your car keys.

There's quite a few more accessories which I like the look of. TravelLink system I will probably get, as the board is a bit heavier than most. That being said, I can handle it solo, carrying and roofing onto my vehicle.

Now for some BASS!!!


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