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Domestic Racer Program is still alive - $2,999.00

Created by Windgenuity 7 months ago, 17 Jan 2019
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17 Jan 2019 3:03PM
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I know we're well and truely into the season now, but thought many may not be aware that the Naish Australia Domestic Racer Program is still alive and running.

Get a 2019 Naish Maliko 14' race board for just $2,999.00 -

Drawing a clear and consistent line to victory at such renowned races as the Maui2Molokai, Molokai2Oahu 2-man Relay, Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge and so many more.this competitive race shape is a clear standout for the high-performance scene. Always evolving to be faster, forgiving and more efficient with each season, the Maliko 14'0" is the result of meticulous engineering and impeccable construction. Its rocker is designed to catch each bump with ease for quicker acceleration and higher top speed. Its rounded nose efficiently and effortlessly assists riders in moving through glides granting you more speed and less fatigue on each run.

One board that does it all, for more info -

or check out the Naish website -

See you on the water,

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"Domestic Racer Program is still alive - $2,999.00" started by Windgenuity