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FCS 2 quad set -up. Suggestions???

Created by Jackmonaro 3 months ago, 22 Nov 2020
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22 Nov 2020 12:43PM
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I'm purchasing a new 9 foot paddle board with a quad set up (FCS 2).
ive been surfing for 5-6 years and waves vary from sucky 3 foot beach breaks to larger reef breaks.
ive never looked into a suitable all round Quad set - up.
Any suggestions would be greatful.

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22 Nov 2020 4:00PM
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i use quads in most wave heights ....but i do mess with size on them a lot ,(smaller rears )
quads seem to give more drive ,but then on some boards they seem looser too ,
You will have to experiment ,and find what you like ,some of my boards i like as a thruster ,
like my narrow tailed ones .wider boards i like as quads .hope that helps .

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22 Nov 2020 7:25PM
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I use FCS 2 performer quad size L.. i found it good on a variety of conditions...otherwise FCS Hi 1 but with adaptator for FCS 2. Both good fins IMHO.

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24 Nov 2020 2:55PM
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If you want to stay with the FCSII system, I found that the AM and the JS had the best foils, the rest is quite crude. For instance I never resold fins in my all life, except for all my FCS Performers, they were definitively slow and dull compared to the AM. I would not recommend the JS, I did not feel any difference with the AM, but they are 30% more expensive.
I did not try the new H4 (loved the H3). After switching to Quobbas, it is impossible to go back to standard fins.

But of course I would recommend the Quobba, except that there is not a proper quad set so it means having L fronts and two center Ms in rear, which will be too much if you are not heavy or powerful. And they are FCS1, so back to screws. This said in FCS1 the FCS Nexus H3 were the best of the classic fins: fluid drive.


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"FCS 2 quad set -up. Suggestions???" started by Jackmonaro