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First 12'6 proper test

Created by benjl 29 days ago, 27 Mar 2019
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27 Mar 2019 3:03PM
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Decided to turn on strava and see how far I paddled tonight. Turned out to be about 2.7km although I don't know how accurate strava is?
How does this kind of speed and time compare?

one way was slightly downwind supported and the way back was quite up-wind as you can see in the second half speed.

Seemed like a relatively strenuous 2.7km if thats at all relevant. I tried a new paddle that was 89sqin but feels way too big and straining on my
shoulders going upwind for awhile.
Also attached some pics of the board profile, really flat bottom and hard chine rails aside from a slight vee in the nose to split the water.

I saw theres a novice cup series event for 12'6's that is 6x 2km corses and was thinking of giving it a go! Probably won't be competitive but keen to see what it's all about


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"First 12'6 proper test" started by benjl