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Infinity black fish

Created by Nerdburger 25 days ago, 26 Jan 2020
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26 Jan 2020 12:10PM
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I've had my 2019 infinity BlackFish, 25 inch for a month or so now. Not a review as it's the only race board I've ever ridden.
Bought it new from the fella's at surf FX on the Goldie, always great to deal with. ??

Amazing how versatile it is !!. I've used it to paddle local creeks, open ocean, down winders (10/15 knots anymore and I'm Wavesailing) and surfing a couple of local river mouths/points when the swell is tiny.
Today with the local spot packed with long weekend tourists and a full tide, I found a peak to my self, and heaps of great tiny waves to my self for 2 hrs, then paddled the creek, and had a swim. Sensational start to the Australian day celebrations.
I don't think any other craft could have made the conditions as far (bar a sup foil, but haven't done that so just guessing).
It catches the smallest runners, it's fun to surf 1-2 ft fat waves, a new skill to learn, walking to the tail to turn and glide into the beach.
The board is built so well, fantastically light, full carbon construction, with a vortex vent plug, and the lightest / sexy carbon fin I've ever seen !
The deck grip is fanatic, in three different sections, so you can feel where you are on the board, with out looking down, nice tail kick which is surprisingly handy when your surf and effectively turning a small bus (300 ish litres) on the wave.
It really extends my water time, keeps my fitness up and gives me so much versatility for one board.
Id rathe wave sup, surf of windsurf with the conditions are on, but the Blackfish is fun for when there not happening !!
I highly recommend a suitable 14 ft all rounder race sup to anyone's quiver ??.


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