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JP Australia Widebody 9"9

Created by Escapethis > 9 months ago, 19 May 2013
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19 May 2013 2:33PM
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Can't find too much on the above sup. Looking for first sup, am 86kg, 172cm aged 49 years and a looking to catch small waves only and maybe a bit of a paddle on flat water sharing the board / times with the kids etc. I just want to get back on the water again and sup seems a really flexible way to go.

The JP 9"9 widebody board was recommended. My only hesitation is that before I walked into the shops I was thinking longer boards with more volume were required for a newbie. Two shops in a row advised me width is king and 32" width plus 157litre volume will be plenty stable for a newbie to sup.

So, does that sound right? The other well priced option is 10"2 NSP - heaps more volume and a bit cheaper.


VIC, 87 posts
20 May 2013 12:17AM
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Ihave not ridden the JP but I have a few boards and agree with the comments re width. I am 104kg and 6'. I have ended up with 5 boards after 3 years on sups. Range in length from 10' to 11' and width from 30'' to 36".
Personally I would go a bit longer to start with as I think the key is to catch lots of waves and stand easily on the boards.
My first board was a 10' mctavish - board is awesome to surf on but I am stuffed after about 45min. I bought a couple of other boards second hand and enjoy 3 of my boards depending on the surf. Having a couple of boards I always find friends who are keen for a surf and either love or hate the sups. In the right conditions there is nothing better.

The 11' board in choppy and average waves- if it gets to 4' or bigger I like the 10' Stuart Anderson board or the mctavish if I am feeling fit and have been getting in the water pretty often. Kids sport slows me down in winter but I still manage to get out every few weeks.

Good luck

TAS, 2791 posts
20 May 2013 1:13PM
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We have the JP 9.9 in our family quiver. The main user of this board is about 80kg and is a total beginner with zero surf or paddle experiance. They paddle this board in open water chop and are just starting to catch small waves WITH NO PROBLEMS.
i weigh about 75 kg and paddled this same board about 5kms yesterday in open water with an annoying 2 ft side chop all the way bak - AGAIN NO PROBLEMS.
in my opinion they are probably the most fun and user friendly sup in the JP range and perfectly suited to your needs.

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20 May 2013 6:39PM
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Thanks guys for your answers. Very encouraged. I'm trying to organise a demo for this weekend. Can't wait.

VIC, 1164 posts
20 May 2013 8:52PM
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Welcome to Seabreeze Escapethis!My understanding is that that the new NSP's are not only cheaper but great to paddle and surf. As you said Demo, Demo, Demo!! Have fun, you wont regret it. Be careful not clonk your kid on the head with your paddle

NSW, 753 posts
21 May 2013 8:07AM
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Welcome to the dark side.
I would tend to agree with the shops suggestions. I started at Xmas this year and trialled lots of boards. Went for a mal style board 10'6" x 29.75 wide and about 150 L volume. Having surfed it for a while now, I can handle the bumpy days much better, but still can get spat off waiting for waves. Had a surf of a wide body, short Starboard and they are much more stable standing out the back. The JP 9'9" has the same volume as my board, but will be much better in the chop and at 9'9" will track well and catch waves easily.
So really what ever you get will be surfable, just will take a while.

QLD, 5 posts
21 May 2013 9:15AM
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I recently bought my wife the JP 10' widebody. It's a bit longer and wider but roughly comparable to the 9'9 I would think. The stability on the widebodys is amazing. My wife does not come from any kind of board sports background and as a complete novice can comfortably paddle the JP widebody in choppy windblown water without falling off. I took her JP out on the weekend into the surf for the first time and it was very stable going out through the whitewash and standing up out the back. So if stability is your main concern the JP widebodys are an excellent choice.

WA, 1145 posts
21 May 2013 8:29AM
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+1 for the 9'9" wide body. Great all round SUP. Width is the key to stability and this board @32" is more than stable enough. Too thick a board and too much volume creates its own problems as the board will be too "corky" and more unstable. This was the case with some early Tabou's but the JP is just right.
Also, with the mast base mount, you have a great family windsurfer as well :)


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