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Jimmy Lewis Maestro- New Sizes

Created by Jimmy Lewis Boards Two weeks ago, 3 Jul 2019
3 Jul 2019 5:43PM
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The Jimmy Lewis Maestro in new sizes & colours...
Prioritizing stability with massive width, we've shaped the board to also glide and turn like a performance surfboard. It's perfect for beginner and intermediate wave riders, and the width provides the perfect yoga platform. Full nose and squash tail for stability. Modified "surf" rocker, flat bottom front going into "V" in the tail makes for a stable, easy paddling, wave riding board....As like all of Jimmy's boards he blends performance with stability & quality...
2+1 fin box set up.
Comes with 8" JL swept fin and 4" side bites.
NEW 9'3" x 32" x 4.6" (170L)
9'9"x33"x4.4" (180L)
10'3"x35"x4.5" (213L)
Blue, Pink, White

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4 Jul 2019 6:10AM
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Might be what I'm after. Hope there's a couple at Merimbula in November to test drive

WA, 61 posts
4 Jul 2019 11:20AM
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I'm still lovin' my striker but my lady friend may find this a good next board for a bit of small wave action AND yoga (gotta keep limber).


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