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Created by wallie2444 3 months ago, 4 Aug 2018
NSW, 37 posts
4 Aug 2018 12:26PM
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Gday guys.
just looking at updating the 2 peice carbon paddle I've got.
It's a mongrel of a thing. It fills up with water and becomes heavy also had to silicone 2 bits back on it so it doesn't fall apart.

What paddle do do you use for surfing and why. Can anyone give me a few recommendations at a few different price points. From what I see every man and his dog make paddles and they start at like $200-700. Don't really want to spend huge money ( maybe 300-400$ Or try buy a good used one )

thanks in advance legends.

VIC, 251 posts
4 Aug 2018 2:08PM
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100% look at Kenalu. I use the ho'oloa blade and X tuff s shaft for surfing. I like a bit of flex to save my the shaft is perfect. It also has a texture to the shaft that stops your hands slipping which I haven't seen on many other shafts...also, If you break my blade or shaft, you can replace only that part. I also have a Werner rip stick but no where near as good for the price imo.

I'm no affiliated with Kenalu in any way, just a happy paying customer.

NSW, 16 posts
4 Aug 2018 2:56PM
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If you are budget conscious then this year's starboard enduro paddles are worth a look. I have the Balsa one with a fixed shaft and have been surfing the medium blade for 6 months and am very happy with it, especially at $250.

VIC, 644 posts
4 Aug 2018 7:15PM
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Kev Nalu all the way and it's tough!

VIC, 1901 posts
4 Aug 2018 8:08PM
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I've been using a Sawyer 90 from the US for the last couple of years.
Tapered oval carbon shaft is very flexy.
Handle is wood, that wears nicely and feels comfortable.
No idea on science of blade design stuff, but I had a lot of shoulder pain before I started using this.
And it's really pretty.
I wonder if I can find a photo....
There it is on the 12' PSH.....

Returning to using my previous paddle, it feels hugely stiff and wooden, unpleasant, unusable for even a short paddle.

WA, 4302 posts
4 Aug 2018 7:54PM
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Quickblade are the best but are xxy. I have 3, one is over 10 years old and works perfectly. Cheap paddles are just that. Broke 5 different brands before I got a QB

NSW, 217 posts
6 Aug 2018 6:25PM
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I've been through more paddles than boards and my latest is the Ke Nalu Wiki like Dave's shown above. Really nice paddle and yes they are tough! I reckon best value for money so far....

NSW, 37 posts
18 Aug 2018 1:32PM
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Pulled the trigger on a ke nalu Maliko 95 with the xTuff S shaft. Can't wait !!
thanks for the advice boys. Let's see how she goes


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