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Sic RS Air 14' x 28' vs Starboard Airline 14' x 28'

Created by Fatben 2 months ago, 2 Oct 2023
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2 Oct 2023 2:07AM
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I would like to replace my rigid Sic RS 14' x 28' with an inflatable model for practical purposes (storage and transport).
I'm 1m89 and +/-110kg and practice exclusively on Lac and I was super stable and comfortable on the Sic RS 14"x28'.
I'm hesitating between 2 inflatable models:

- Sic RS Air 14'x28' CFL
- Starboard Airline 14'x28'

If anyone among you owns one of these boards or has had the opportunity to test these 2 models, I would appreciate your feedback and opinions.

I'm looking for the stiffest and most stable board possible!!!

By the same token, I am looking for a manual pump to inflate this future 14', what is the most efficient pump (fast and not too energy consuming)??

Thanks in advance !!!

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3 Oct 2023 4:58PM
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Hi Ben, I have not paddled either board, but the Airline has always rated well in the tests and reviews I have watched.

If you want the stiffest board the Naish Maliko will be worth a look, here is a link to a SUPboarder review which might help.


I just brought a carbon Maliko and looking around for reviews on Youtube did not find much, then a whole bunch of race videos from Japan popped up. Just about every type of hard/inflatable SUP being paddled, you can get a great idea about the boards by watching how they handle the different riders and sea state.

Hope that helps.


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3 Oct 2023 10:04PM
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I have an inflatable Red Paddle Elite I use for travelling . I have paddled the Airline but not the SIC . I have an SIC carbon race board which I love but have no idea about SIC's inflatables . I was impressed by the Airline . I would say it matched my Red Paddle in stiffness . My only slight criticism of the Airline is the hard stability rails either side of the carry handle . They work fine but you can't roll it up tight which makes for a rather bulky bag when travelling . It's a nice board though.
You need a pump with a double chamber . I'd imagine the Starboard would come with one .

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4 Oct 2023 1:26AM
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Best pumps are from GRI and Bravo. They make pumps for many good brands (but rebranded for the brand). As far as I remember, the one the Starboard comes with is one of those, but it has a cool feature where the base is removable, thus easier to store in the bag.

There isn't a Starboard airline anymore, unless you are looking second hand / old stock. Instead you get a Starboard airline sprint and a Starboard airline All Star. Which one are you referring to? The airline models have always been among the stiffest on the Supboarder tests. If you want the stiffest, make sure to go for the double chamber construction.


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