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Smik paddles

Created by colinm63 1 month ago, 3 Aug 2020
SA, 58 posts
3 Aug 2020 7:57AM
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Has anyone tested/reviews?

VIC, 171 posts
4 Aug 2020 4:39PM
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LOVE THEM........

Im a paddle snapper...

Ive had several Jp paddles all snapped.
I went though 3 Naish paddles all snapped..
was using a QB paddle but was too stiff when scotty shot me 2 smiks.
Cut one down for surfing with the other as a spare and its still there never used.
Im a heavy rider and aggressive and the flex in the smiks is fantastic grip is good and blade size perfect. no sore elbows or forearms.
By far my favourite paddle and well priced compared to other top brands.

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4 Aug 2020 4:48PM
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What size are the paddles in inch 2 ?


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"Smik paddles" started by colinm63