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Speeeeeeze, another Sunova.

Created by sgo 5 months ago, 16 Apr 2018
VIC, 61 posts
16 Apr 2018 8:18PM
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What do you get when you cross a Speed with a Steeze ?
Speeeeze ?

Take the plan-shape of a Steeze, add the bottom curve and one pair of channels from a Speed,
replace bottom concaves with vee and push size up to 9 ' X 31/1'2" X 148 litres.
I'm sure it will work, and no; its not an official Sunova model

NSW, 3469 posts
16 Apr 2018 9:07PM
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16 Apr 2018 10:13PM
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SGO, I like the numbers on that.... and of course I love the channels on everything
Great custom!
I am interested in how it goes.

I just got my 9'6 Steeze, but minimal waves on it so far.... stoked to really run it.

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17 Apr 2018 2:45AM
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That looks like a damn fine Board

Have you got it wet yet ?

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17 Apr 2018 2:57AM
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Hmmm, a Steeze with nose kick!
"You had my curiosity but now you've got my attention" ;-)

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17 Apr 2018 3:01AM
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If this could be trimmed to 130 liters (or so) w/o compromising strength and durability.......

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17 Apr 2018 5:59AM
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Gimme it at 10' and I'm ALL IN!!!!


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"Speeeeeeze, another Sunova." started by sgo