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Sunova Creek

Created by Seajuice Two weeks ago, 20 Jun 2020
NSW, 620 posts
20 Jun 2020 1:31PM
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Finally got to try out my Sunova Creek in overhead waves.
I weigh around 80kgs and 5ft 10" in height & my Sunova Creek is the 8ft 10"?30" wide ? 125 litres.
Surface conditions were smooth to lumpy as the tide & wind changed.
My first few waves I nose dived & face planted on the drop.
So I had to consciously set my stance further back when going for a wave. This is probably from coming off a shorter 8ft 3" Sunova Soul.
Once that was sorted I made the drops, just. Bad habit of mine standing more forward anyway.
After making the drop the board flew, especially when more weight is transferred to the tail. I made it past some critical sections where the wave was closing out in front of me. Which is what I wanted in buying this board.
The other positive thing I noticed was how the board cut through the lumpy, choppy surface smoothly taking away any corkiness of a bigger board.
I think this was due to the tail channels as well as the Sunova make.
Stability was good & maybe a bit better than my 8ft 3" Soul which I also wanted for my big wave board.
But what I also noticed was a slight lack of glide when the board slows when trying to make it through fatter sections when weight forwarding where as my Soul carrys onward with more weight forward.
As for turning I cannot say yet due to my forward stance needing to be corrected over time. But basic turns was good enough for me to get to the lip and for cutting back without much effort.
As for my overhead surf, I jagged one of the biggest long walling waves where my mates were impressed how a made the drop, bottom turn then lip riding & finally doing a sharp controlled turn to finish off and not running over one of them. Was the wave of the day one of them commented.
So yeah. Another keeper and very happy for it to be my big wave board.
Photo only shows small wave session a few days before my big surf.

VIC, 248 posts
20 Jun 2020 1:56PM
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Seajuice, you will love the creek its an awesome board. Play around with the fins Im running the green quobba fins now they are magic on this board and really loosen it up...

3548 posts
20 Jun 2020 5:15PM
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you gotta get on the tail like the speed ,if you want that lip bashing cut back stuff ,,Its a great big wave board .and good fun in little swell too...enjoy...and don't get bitten again ..8,10 creek .

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20 Jun 2020 8:14PM
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The Creek is great board in most conditions but IMO it needs a little juice. I run mine with C drives is slower surf it definitely helps.


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"Sunova Creek" started by Seajuice