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Timber Sup needs a new coat

Created by shitelager 1 month ago, 29 Apr 2020
QLD, 11 posts
29 Apr 2020 11:34AM
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Hi all looking for timber advice, picked up this timber sup for some river paddles and want to give it a sand and a new coat. Just lost in a world of timber prep and protection and not sure what to use. Any advice would be great (sorry photo posted upside down)

VIC, 278 posts
29 Apr 2020 12:03PM
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I think you might find that your board has been covered in Fiberglass... So it might be a light sand and coat in a hot coat - epoxy....

There is a few websites you can look at ...

Built a SUP same construction could ask him how to fix...

These guys supply stuff...


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"Timber Sup needs a new coat" started by shitelager