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Whoa, look at those thin rails!

Created by flyingcarpet 2 months ago, 2 Dec 2020
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2 Dec 2020 4:15PM
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Anyone tried the 2021 PPC surf sup? Look at those rails...

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2 Dec 2020 4:54PM
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I've had a few of his boards, he's a mate of mine and I helped make one of his earlier board designs.
haven't tried this one though, they've upped the volume massively on these to cater to a bigger market as the high end- low volume market in NZ seems to have dropped out a bit

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3 Dec 2020 5:34AM
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Yeah, used that rail to get a flat deck.
I'm sure someone used that rail shape 70 years ago.


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"Whoa, look at those thin rails!" started by flyingcarpet