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starboard starlite construction

Created by markt 1 month ago, 24 May 2020
QLD, 16 posts
24 May 2020 1:52PM
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anyone had experience with this type on board

VIC, 386 posts
24 May 2020 2:36PM
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Had a couple in the latest starlite. Light and very strong and the carbon rails don't seem to mark at all. My current board is as good as new after a year surfing. Can't recommend it highly enough. It's not as light as the balsa flax premium starboard but it's way cheaper and still light compared to the rest of the market's offerings.

113 posts
24 May 2020 2:01PM
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i have the starboard nut 9.5 , exactly as MickMC said...not one single mark to this day after 4 years...the only thing is you dont have the "surf" feeling you can find with other brands or materials, it can feel sometimes "rigid" if i make any sense.

NSW, 959 posts
24 May 2020 4:59PM
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I have a Pro in starlite. It's my "throw around " board . No rail tape and still held up very well. The only board i have considered no taping .The white on mine is nice but does mark. Doesn't bother me
Seems more durable than my sunovas but to be honest it's not as nice in the wave . Finishes are not as refined either .
Another advantage for me is no concerns about vent plug . There is no plug .
Handle is great . Good size
Can't complain. For the price point it's great value
Here's a pic of mine after nearly 30 uses in 12 months.
It's never in a bag and gets thrown in back of the CRV.
My go to board when in a rush


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"starboard starlite construction" started by markt