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Australian Sup Life - Website is now Live!

Created by Mickie Williams A week ago, 9 Jan 2020
Mickie Williams
NSW, 21 posts
9 Jan 2020 4:17PM
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Hi everyone.
my back is definitely feeling all the time sitting down and getting this website up and running...but here it is.

We are looking for Sup enthusiasts from all walks of life to submit their photos & their stories for blogs for the website, as well as your best photos for the Australian Sup Life 2020 photo annual book.
We are working towards the end goal of a hard copy photo annual to be printed in December to round off the year.

Feel free to email me on - if you wish to contribute in anyway.

the website will be updated with new photos and blog stories, interviews approximately twice a month or more if we get the community involved with contributing etc.

Next Blog piece coming soon.

Kind regards
Michael Williams
Australian Sup Life Editor

QLD, 356 posts
9 Jan 2020 4:26PM
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Awesome, will be checking it out.

TAS, 966 posts
9 Jan 2020 5:53PM
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Nice work Mickie

4 posts
9 Jan 2020 3:07PM
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Signed up thanks, I like looking at the footwork in photos. will put a t shirt on the xmas list.

VIC, 871 posts
9 Jan 2020 8:14PM
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I have subscribed already, looking forward to it.

NT, 344 posts
9 Jan 2020 7:25PM
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Amazing work Mickie!
just been over to the new website and subscribed - it's so sick!
gonna get me one of them filthy new t-shirts too.

NT, 329 posts
9 Jan 2020 11:26PM
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Signed. Great first interviews


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"Australian Sup Life - Website is now Live!" started by Mickie Williams