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El Salvador

Created by Timsups 30 days ago, 24 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019 4:47AM
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Leaving EL Salvador tomorrow AM after a GREAT week of surf??!!! Surfed both Las Flores and Punta Mango the first 4 days and the Sunzal the last three. Head high ++ everyday. A little apprehensive coming down here but El Salvador turned out to be a WONDERFUL place. (Plus our guide, Alex Novoa was the BEST!!!)
For those interested, this place can be challenging. The breaks can get crowded, it's rocky and not for beginners BUT... as you can see from the pics there are plenty of amazing waves to be had??... As far Standup Paddlers, other than Alex (The El SAL National Champ) we only saw one other SUPer in the water. Still, everyone in the breaks was friendly and NO negative vibes. Great place, GREAT TRIP... Totally STOKED????????!!!!


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