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How best to repair Starboard Wide Point Rails

Created by GoodPaddle Two weeks ago, 20 Mar 2020
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20 Mar 2020 8:00AM
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Hey folks,

I noticed this new ding after flying with my board recently. I'm at home now, wondering how best to repair it. Any ideas? This is the 2019 Starboard Wide Point. Just put the usual Solarez on it? Something else? Thanks!

VIC, 385 posts
20 Mar 2020 8:03PM
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I'd just put some epoxy over that and sand smooth (from what I can tell from the pic)

QLD, 406 posts
20 Mar 2020 7:54PM
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Is there no rail tape on that? Fill sand then rail tape!

NSW, 834 posts
20 Mar 2020 10:15PM
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Starlite finish is pretty tough on rails . Only board I have used without railtape. Must have been a decent impact

1238 posts
Friday , 3 Apr 2020 6:24AM
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Looks like gouge mark's from something metal like a staple. Then weight was added and vibration or shift over time.
Everyone already mentioned the fix.


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"How best to repair Starboard Wide Point Rails" started by GoodPaddle