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Longboard Sup Revolution

Created by Bighugg 2 months ago, 25 Mar 2019
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25 Mar 2019 6:56PM
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Bringing topic forward ,
after reading original again and watching Vic sup comp on Sunday.
So many makes of longboard and surfed with style.
I have never competed, no idea of judging specs.
Seems like it would be more suited to performance like Smik 10' noserider hipster than JL 10'1 Black n Blue log .
Is there Sup Loggers comps ?

26 Mar 2019 7:30AM
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Hi Bighugg,
The JL Balck & Blue is an old school logger style longbord sup with 50/50 rails & designed to nose-ride whereas we now offer the NEW 10' Destroyer landing next month in Aus at 29" wide, pulled in round pin tail performance sup or the 10' Striker at 31" wide, squash tail for the guy who wants more stability & more all-round...
10' Destroyer

10' Striker

VIC, 668 posts
26 Mar 2019 9:39AM
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Ooh that Destroyer looks nice!

NT, 174 posts
26 Mar 2019 10:16AM
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True that. Liking quad option

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6 May 2019 12:00AM
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So with longboard noserider nose design,
I would like to know the theory of
*1- nose concave
Is there preferred nose concave shaping for different types of waves,
ie, finer, flat n thin for fast facing waves ?
Broader, deep spoon concave for slower fatter waves ?

*2- nose pitch
Is this again relevant to intended wave shapes ?
Flat for speed , kicked for slower fatter ?

*3- nose width / shape
Is it, Style or function or individual preference ?

I am asking this with the intention of a custom build.
Have aspects of three noses I enjoy and have wondered if it's possible to put them together.
Thankyou a head of time for your helpful tech


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"Longboard Sup Revolution" started by Bighugg