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Merimbula Classic Up and comers award delivered

Created by scott mckerc A week ago, 9 Mar 2019
scott mckerc
WA, 195 posts
9 Mar 2019 10:19AM
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Finally got round to delivering the Up and comers award from last years Merimbula classic.
Twas a beautiful Glassy Morning in Merimbula where it didn't take much convincing for the arrival of the new board to justify getting out of scripture on a friday at school.
Dad managed to get himself a new sled as well so what was he going to say?
Pretty cool to witness the stoke lelels in the stratosphere

NT, 218 posts
9 Mar 2019 10:46PM
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Goin' off Scotty -
Those groms will remember that for the rest of their lives.
Wicked stuff - good on ya brus!

NT, 157 posts
10 Mar 2019 6:35PM
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Smik graphics. Pumping the stoke


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"Merimbula Classic Up and comers award delivered" started by scott mckerc