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My Best Mate

Created by Downwinder > 9 months ago, 13 Jun 2012
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13 Jun 2012 7:41AM
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My best mate Ulai, he just mist out from surfing in the Volcom PRO Isei Tokovu beat him in the finals of the Volcom Fijian trials.
My good friend Greg Mahoney from California got Ulai a custom surfboard 6'6'' made with 2 x 6oz on the deck and 1 x 6oz on the bottom made the board extra heavy because Ulai breaks boards.
You should have seen the look on Ulai's face when Greg gave him the board it was priceless Ulai was like a little grommet on Christmas Day. We went straight to Cloudbreak and it was pumping in the 4ft range Ulai was just ripping on his new board.
Four days later Restaurants was just pumping in the 4-6ft range but with the full moon made for an extremely low tide Ulai takes of on a bomb cops the biggest flogging and snaps his brand new board clean in half the expression on Ulai's face was just shattering.
I only wish Ulai had this board to surf on in the Volcom Fiji Trials.
I've spoken with good friend Woody Jack who makes my SUP boards and Woody is keen to sponsor Ulai and is going to make Ulai a 6'6'' surfboard made of wood lets see Ulai break this Surfboard.

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13 Jun 2012 8:49AM
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good onya mate. post some pics when he is surfing his new woody

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13 Jun 2012 6:58PM
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Best thing Ulai should get is a Wayne Lynch Surftech, they are about as unbreakable(or less likely to break) a board you can get, have seen guys rip on them, surely those
industry dudes from the States could give him one, I know Taj has been breaking more boards since he started mixing away from Firewire, he still surfs the same . its all in the mind LoL
Conventional glass boards need to be phased out.


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