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Newbie footwork

Created by slipperyduck 4 months ago, 27 Aug 2018
WA, 39 posts
27 Aug 2018 3:05PM
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Found this on footwork...
as a newbie or relative newbie might be helpful.
i admit I was like ahhhh I'm just not moving enough.


VIC, 16064 posts
28 Aug 2018 9:08AM
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Thanks for posting..

Clay does great vids..

VIC, 958 posts
28 Aug 2018 10:51AM
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cheers slipperyduck

WA, 939 posts
28 Aug 2018 12:53PM
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Yep a great vid, someone on here mentioned that once you get 'it' it just becomes second nature, can totally relate to that.

I am starting to get the hang of it, some parts of footwork now I don't think about it just happens and you know when your feet are in the right spot to go for a turn.

The shuffle back to the tail was the first piece of footwork I feel I got dialled in. My Infinity RNB has a big nose and sometimes I am right up there paddling for a wave, as soon as I feel that 'catch' I start heading back to the tail.

The bottom turn footwork is coming together and a couple of times have had the bottom turn into a roundhouse link up - still a bit hit and miss on that one, I think sometimes I go for that when the wave is not really there for it - just feels so good to pull that one off though!

NSW, 582 posts
29 Aug 2018 1:10PM
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